Ziricote Raw Wood Veneer Sheets 5 x 35 inches 1/42nd thick


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  • Ziricote Wood Veneer Sheets  5 x 35 inches 1/42nd
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  • Ziricote is one of those woods when you see it you know it's something exotic. It has such visual appeal and that "got to touch it" property. For this lot I'm thinking humidor or jewelry box. No nix the Jewelry box. Well not entirely, after so many years I finally hit upon the right product, Stuff Boxes. That's right 'Stuff Boxes' or more to the point stuff boxes for men. Face it, men like fancy boxes too but are just too damn practical to purchase one for themselves. I have plenty of female customers shopping for that hard to shop for man in their life. They are attracted to the box with the exotic wood and see it as practical and yet still 'artsy'. Bam, problem solved.
  • My 'stuff boxes' are simple to make. A simple plywood box covered with exotic hardwood veneers. Just a box no trays or dividers. You know a box to dump your stuff in. That's were Ziricote, Etimoe, East Indian Rosewood, Sapele and many other veneer come in. They are what I call 'handsome' woods. Not flashy but exotic. Masculine looking.

  • Despite being an exotic hardwood veneer, Ziricote is actully pretty easy to work with. This is why I can recommend it to a novice veneer user.